It is imperative to seek advice on the bail procedure well before the first appearance in Court (called the first mention) or when you attend at the Station to be charged. Bail will be set on that day and if you require the amount to be moderated, your counsel should be appraised of the facts to make an argument on this issue at the mention. You should prepare the relevant amount in advance so that you do not spend unnecessary time in the lockup. If you are unable to raise the sum by the afternoon, you may well have to spend time in Remand until bail has been raised.

 Some relevant questions which you may wish to find out :

1. Police Bail vs Court Bail

2. What can be used for Bail?

3. Who can be your Bailor?

4. Bailor’s duties?

5. Where is the Bail Centre ?

6. Procedures for Bail application. Bail slip

7. Factors that determine bail amount.

8. How to ask for moderation in Bail.

9. Duties of Bailor

10. Change of Bailor

11. Application to travel overseas

12. Accused jumping bail

13. Offences that do not require bail.


It is always in the Accused’s interest to engage a counsel early, as the case may proceed for hearing within a few months or even a few weeks (where foreign witnesses are involved) as the case may be. Early and adequate preparation are absolutely necessary as life and liberty are at stake.


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