W.M. Low & Partners

We are a firm of advocates & solicitors conveniently located at High Street Centre, a building opposite Parliament House

All of our lawyers have more than 29 years of continued experience in Criminal Law, Family Law, and Probate Law practice. We handle litigation cases, including contested family and probate matters. Our lawyers are all in the senior category.

We pride ourselves on our efficient and professional service as well as our ability to assist our clients in solving their problems in as quick a time as possible and at reasonable rates. We are good at strategising and providing the best solutions to difficult issues. In cases whereby evidence against the accused are overwhelming, are adopt an aggressive plea-bargaining strategy.

We are prepared to travel outside office hours to other places in Singapore or overseas to interview witnesses if necessary.

We also work with other professional experts (Eg. psychiatrists) to ascertain and present a position as favourably as possible for our clients. We also do re-construction of events through the trained eye of ex-police officers (if necessary), and vigourous testing of the defence case theory.

The office line is linked to one of our solicitor’s handphone number and hence we are always contactable 24/7.

We provide Notary Service as well as an attestation by Commissioner for Oaths.

The firm was established in 1994.

List of notable cases handled recent years.

  • Maid abuse
  • Mischief
  • Murder
  • Molest
  • Offensive weapon possession
  • Other drug offences
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Robbery
  • Traffic offences
  • Theft
  • Upskirt photos
  • Vulgarities



 Low Woon Ming  (Mr) 

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 Chan Su Ying (Mdm)  

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