Chan Su Ying (Mdm)

Qualifications :LL.B.(Hons), NUS (1991)

Called to the Bar :March 1992

Notary Public

Areas of practice :Family Law & Probate

Languages spoken :English, Malay, Mandarin & Hokkien

SY Chan’s main areas of practice is Family Law and Probate matters. She has been in active practice since being called to the bar in March 1992. As she was an Asean Scholar who did her education at Hwa Chong JC, she is able to speak Malay as well as Mandarin. She is also able to read and write in Malay – she had a distinction in this language.

SY Chan is familiar with Probate application for non- Muslim as well as Muslim estate.

For Probate application, she had successfully applied for a Grant for a non muslim estate in less than one week recently.

The speed turned out to be a pivotal point in the case, as an interested party (the wife of the testator) lodged a caveat against the Grant, but the caveat came in only after the issuance of the Grant.

This was a case in which severance of the joint tenancy was necessary and done immediately upon instructions. Her speed paid off and the matter which was anticipated to be highly contested, became non-contested.

The experience in this area of work has enabled her to deal with both contested and uncontested probate matters.

For matrimonial matters, she was lead counsel in a 42 (half days) trial for a contested divorce and successfully argued the case for the Plaintiff and dismissing the Counter Claim in 2012.